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Mover Packing

Our 5-STEP Process

In SAMEDAY Movers, getting your belongings to your destination safely, securely and on time, is our number one priority. Through our years of experience, feedback from customers, and our specialists, we have developed a proven and tested 5-STEP process that will ensure the safety of your belongings and a SAMEDAY Brighter experience for our clients.



Our SAMEDAY Specialists will inspect the items to be moved prior to providing a quote and plan ahead everything that needs to be done - from the number of movers, the type of truck that you need, and what kind of materials are needed to ensure the safety of your belongings, route to take and so much more. They will also provide you with ways on how to cut costs to ensure that you receive only the best value for your money.



Our SAMEDAY Specialists look after each item as if it was their own. Safety precautions are put in place to prevent damage to your belongings. Different types of protective materials are needed for different types of items and our specialists will determine which one is needed to provide optimum protection.



Theft is something that doesn't exist in the SAMEDAY Movers vocabulary. Nonetheless, we want to be able to provide you with much-needed peace of mind. All of your belongings are cataloged and a checklist is created to ensure that all items are accounted for before, during, and after the move. We are more than confident in providing the assurance that what we put in the truck will be delivered - safely, securely, and on time.



Moving is not just about shoving your boxes inside trucks and getting them to your chosen destination. For SAMEDAY Movers, moving is an art. Our specialists prepare even the slightest arrangement of your belongings inside the truck to ensure optimum safety and maximum capacity. This provides value for every buck and the assurance that no unnecessary costs are added to you. 



As with each and every move, all SAMEDAY Movers perform their duties diligently, passionately, and with smiles on our faces. We make sure that every t has been crossed and every i has been dotted. Each step that our specialists take is crucial and equally important. We take no shortcuts and we don't cut corners. This is how we perform - to the best of our abilities, for each and every job. We strive to make your move a

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